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Chronic wounds, or wounds that won’t heal without treatment and intervention, represent a growing burden to patients, healthcare providers, and the entire healthcare system. Patients with chronic wounds often suffer from a reduced quality of life. Our goal is to work with the patient to develop a plan to heal these wounds faster!

Wound Care

Types of wounds: (including but not limited to)
  • Surgical Wounds (surgical dehiscence)

  • Trauma Wounds

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU)

  • Venous Ulcers (VLU)

  • Pressure Ulcers

  • Partial and Full Thickness Wounds

  • Vascular Ulcers

  • Draining Wounds

  • Tunneling and Undermining wounds

  • Wound Care Services:

  • Wound Education: what causes a wound to become chronic and the patient’s role in treatment

  • Wound assessment: what is causing the wound to stay open

  • Wound Monitoring: measuring progress each visit

  • Debridement (wound cleaning)

  • Proper Bandaging

  • Advanced Wound Treatment with Skin Substitutes and Biological dressings

  • Off-loading

  • Pressure Therapy

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